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10 Trails in Vaughan You Need to Explore

The temperature has risen and the snow has melted! It’s finally spring, and soon it will be summer, which means it's time to get out of our houses and start exploring Vaughan. Let’s take advantage of the beautiful trails we have in our our city for walking, hiking, cycling and much more.

William Granger Greenway Trail

Location: Bindertwine Park, 299 Stegman's Mill Rd, Kleinburg

This trail is a section of the Humber River Trail. It is almost 9 kilometers in length, moderately difficult and has a natural surface. In the summer, you can cycle or hike here and you might even come across some wildlife in its natural habitat. This trail is connected to the McMichael Art Gallery.

Click here to access the map for this trail.

Phyllis Rawlinson Park Trails

Location: 11715 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill

Just outside of Vaughan in Richmond Hill is Phyllis Rawlinson Park. This is the only park in Richmond Hill with barbecue facilities and fire pits, which makes it perfect for family gatherings. However, if you do need some personal time, you can enjoy a relaxing walk or a bike ride on one of the trails. If you are just starting to explore trails, this one's for you. It’s an easy walk for three and a half kilometers on a surface made of stone dust.

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Bartley Smith Greenway Trails

Location: 1350 Steeles Ave West, Thornhill

This moderately difficult trail is 15 kilometers in length and has variations of paved and stone dust surface. If you enjoy walking next to water then this is the spot for you as it follows the West Don River.

These trails are best for hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing. They are divided into southern and northern categories. The northern trails are four kilometers in length and the southern trails are 11 kilometers long.

Click here to access the southern map for these trails and here for the northern segments.

Marita Payne Trail

Location: 16 Jason St, Concord

Marita Payne Trail is a specific trail on the Bartley Smith Greenway. This is an easy 2.5 km long neighbourhood walk near the Dufferin Clark Community Centre, which is convenient if you need a drink of waer or to use the washroom. The Marita Payne Trail is paved and there are no inclinations.

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Maple Nature Reserve Trails

Location: 10401 Dufferin St, Maple

This is a moderately difficult trail. It covers a small distance of three kilometres and has a natural surface. It is meant for walking, hiking and biking. Keep your eyes open on this trail because you may end up seeing some rare wildlife like Grove Chickweed plants and the Northern Red-bellied Snake.

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Kortright Centre for Conservation

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Drive, Woodbridge

There are nine trails in this area covering 16 kilometres in length. The surface is either natural or made up of boardwalks. It is best for hiking and bird watching. The best part about being near Kortright is that there are always fun events and activities going on at the centre.

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Boyd Conservation Area

Location: 8739 Islington Ave, Woodbridge

The length of these trails is unknown and their difficulty level is high. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and relax as the conservation area is full of trees and located between the Don and Humber Rivers.

[Map unavailable]

Vellore Park Trail

Location: Near Vellore Village Community Centre and Vellore Heritage Park

It is an easy walk through Vellore Heritage Park and covers about 5 kilometers in length. This is an amazing trail for you if you are having trouble between choosing a nature walk and a neighborhood walk.

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Nashville Conservation Reserve Trails

Location: 6020 Kirby Rd, Kleinburg

The Nashville Conservation Reserve Trail area covers over 2000 acres of land. These trails have a natural surface and are considered moderately difficult. Although not much is known about these trails, they are said to be meant for hiking. Check this spot out if you like explore the unknown.

[Map unavailable]

Oak Ridges Trail – York Region Section

We kept the best one for Last! You should really check this one out if you are feeling adventurous!

Location: On the East side of York Region - 3003 York Durham Line, Whitchurch-Stouffville | On the West side of York Region - 8785 19th Sideroad, Schomberg

This 300 km trail is divided into two parts: West and East end. Although it's not entirely in Vaughan, the East trail is over 100 km long and hits the City of Vaughan. This trail is meant for hiking, cycling and equestrian due to its natural surface and moderate difficulty level.

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Coming up soon are detailed experiences of our writers on these trails. Which trails would you like to read about first? Is there a trail we missed? Let us know through the comments below or tweet @Go_Vaughan.

Here is our first article on these series where Go Vaughan writer Simone Wessels-Bloom shares her experience during her walk on the Humber River Trail.