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10 Unique Bride and Groom Entrances

There are many parts of your wedding day that can be kept to tradition, but as you enter your reception have some fun and let your personality as a couple shine. You don’t have to go overboard if you don’t want to, but here are a few ways to make a grand and memorable entrance!

Photo credit to The Bridal Guide's official website.


With the simple use of a projector and drape, you can create a surprising entrance for your guests! Whether you're looking to do something funny or romantic, a silhouette makes for a slight elevation to a typical entrance. You could also stay behind the curtain for your first dance!

Music by the bridal party

Do you have any musically talented groomsmen and bridesmaids? If so, let them show off their talents as you walk in! Meet them on the dance floor and invite every guest to join you as you’re surrounded by the musical creation of your closest friends and family that stood by you at the altar!

Walk through

Walk through or appear under a balloon, rose petal or confetti drop! This playful addition to your wedding would be great as you reach the centre of the dance floor. Invite all of your guests to join you under the item of your choice!


If you and your fiancé love a good joke, you could pull a tiny prank on your guests! Something harmless, perhaps a pretend missing bride or groom. Throughout the reception there are many little pranks that you could pull that will be memorable and fun for you and your guests.


A single spotlight is a simple but romantic way to enter your reception. From the entranceway leading to the centre of the dance floor for the first dance the spotlight will shine on you and your partner; all eyes will be on you two for your big day! Choose either an upbeat and traditional introduction from your DJ, or choose to have a subtle announcement and celebrate this moment together as a couple and save the energy for the party!


If you or your spouse-to-be have a love for cars, pull up to your wedding reception in style! This entrance is especially perfect if you are having an outdoor wedding. You and your guests can take some gorgeous photos with the car too! If you want to really surprise your guests (and you have a larger budget) look closely at your venue because some of them may even have a helicopter pad, such as The Arlington Estate in Vaughan.

Choreographed dance!

Casually dancing and cheering hand in hand as you are introduced for the first time as a married couple is traditional as you enter the room. So shake things up by taking the dancing as seriously as Dancing With the Stars! Instead of waving your hands in the air, enter with the serious “ballroom dancer walk” to the centre of the floor and stand in your beginning pose. You could salsa, tango or cha cha for your first dance and if you need a bit of guidance for your dance find a local studio such as Arthur Murray dance studio.


Every wedding that I have been to has had a slideshow during dinner with old photos of the bride and groom throughout their lives during dinner, I love seeing the photos and even spotting myself in a few! Put a nice twist on this tradition and have a projector play the slideshow onto a screen covering the door and rip it open when the final photo of you from earlier that day appears! Click here to see a video of a couple that did this at their wedding!

Use your venue

Venues have special features that make their spaces unique, so utilize them in your entrance! Whether they have a glass elevator, cascading staircase, balcony, stage etc. enter making use of these wonderful additions! To have this moment even more special, allow your bridal party to enter with just a classic walk in allowing you and your spouse to have this unique entrance!

Start the party

Grand entrances as mentioned above are amazing to show off your personality as a couple whether they are hilarious or dramatic, but why not take a more traditional avenue and cheer as you strut through the doors of your reception area and get the party started! Ensure that you have a DJ that will play great music all night long. Select a popular song for your entrance, ensuring that everyone will come join you! This is perfect for a traditional couple that loves to have fun and dance the night away!