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30th Annual Kite Festival

Sunday, May 5th, was the 30th annual Four Winds Kite Festival held at Kortright Centre for Conservation. On that sunny afternoon, many families flocked to enjoy the weather and fly their kites.

The grounds were filled with families, some sitting on park benches while others were scattered all over the grass laughing and helping each other as they struggled, but were determined to fly their kites.

According to the Kortright Centre General Manager, Adrian O’Driscoll, every year a large team is put together to organize this two-day event. It is the perfect afternoon activity for a family on a spring day and each year the Kortright employees look for ways to make the festival new and exciting. Although the winds weren’t ideal for kites, the beautiful weather still brought approximately 1,200 people to Kortright that afternoon.

There were a few bright kites in the sky, however some waited for the wind to settle down. Many parents including a father, Wayne Fung took advantage of the other activities around Kortright. He loved that there were tons of things for kids to do. This year, families could spend the afternoon building, buying and flying kites, going on bouncy castles, getting their faces painted, pond dipping, wind themed crafts, learning about reptiles, spending time in the organic farm, loose-part play, watching professional kite flyers and going through mazes.

The Kortright Centre does many things to educate the public about sustainable technology, ecosystems and much more. Teaching is so important, they included many aspects into fun activities for kids to learn and have fun. For example, there were crafts to make windmills and there was pond dipping to add, “...an educational station. The kids will learn about the aquatic life that live in the pond,” Adrian O’Driscoll said. Another wonderful activity was loose-part play, which allowed the kids to get creative and use their imagination to make anything out of the various supplies scattered along the trail.

Many loyal families come every year and choose to bring their own kites. Some families were just driving by and saw the sign for the upcoming festival, while others found the event online. This annual, educational, family-fun event is the perfect way for parents to get kids off technology devices and back into the outdoors. Visit next year: https://kortright.org/event/four-winds-kite-festival/ .