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Black Creek Pioneer Village on Doors Open

Black Creek Pioneer Village is located near the Vaughan and North York border. This village is one of the main attractions in the area. Vaughan’s Elizabeth Arden opened the village in 1954 to replicate a village from the 1800s.

This village is a great place for everybody. Teachers can bring their students here for a history lesson as there are dedicated employees that walk you through the 19th century at different stations of the village, such as shops, factories, houses etc. Friends and family can explore the area, see farm animals, spend quality time or host events like birthdays and weddings at the village.

Normally, there is a $15 admission fee for entering the village. However, my friends Raven Smith, Vanessa Gomez and I dodged this price by taking advantage of Ontario’s Doors Open event where Ontarians can attend places that have artistic, cultural, and historical significance for free, once a year.

My friends and I find that Doors Open gives us the opportunity to explore places we normally would not. It is also a test drive for us before we decide to go back to these places and pay the admission fee.

“It’s great to be accessing a part of the city that you normally would not have,” Raven said.

Each year, we aim to hit at least four places for Doors Open between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. However, this year we were unable to reach our target and only went to two places. There were a lot more people taking advantage of Doors Open compared to last year. Other than the pioneer village, we went to the Aga Khan Museum.

“My experience was great. It was fun seeing the different attractions. I enjoyed the Aga Khan Museum,” Raven said. “My favourite part was pioneer village. I would definitely go to Doors Open again.”

Vanessa also had a similar experience. She said:

“I loved pioneer village because it gives everyone the opportunity to walk in the beautiful spring outdoor while learning the history of this incredible place.”

We did get a few history lessons. For example, we learned that in the 1800s doctors were known to be a luxury for the upper class. This is because doctors came to patients rather than patients going to doctors. You can only imagine what happened to those that could not afford to pay for them.

My favourite part about the village were the horses there and the centuries-old printer. You had to be able to lift 200 pounds to print something. Last year, I bought pictures of a horse that were printed using it.

Raven and I had been to the pioneer village before. This time we took Vanessa too. I am glad to say she was happy. “I think everyone should go at least once and visit,” Vanessa said.

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