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Canadian Ice Dancer Tessa Virtue Answered Fan Questions in Vaughan

Olympic Gold Medalist Tessa Virtue came to Vaughan Mills on Saturday, July 27. Tessa is a Canadian ice dancer who has been a world champion three times. In the past, she has competed alongside her partner Scott Moir.

The Shoppers Drug Mart team welcomed her to the event in association with Nivea. Tessa is the Canadian ambassador for Nivea. The event consisted of a Q&A session where she answered questions prepared by Shoppers Drug Mart and her fans about competing, beauty, health, family, mental health and Nivea. After the Q&A session, fans had the opportunity for a meet and greet where she gave autographs and took pictures.

The attendees also received a goodie bag from Nivea at the entrance. The bag had a beach ball, a couple of product samples, and a personal autographed card.

We (Naila Tahir and Katia Sist) also attended this event. Read further to learn about our experience and Virtue’s answers to the fans’ questions.

As an ice dancer and a woman, Tessa has experienced pressures with beauty in the competition world. “There is such a prominence placed on figure skaters because it is a judged sport, the hair and makeup is a complete package of telling a story,” she said. Even now when Tessa is outside of the competition world, she still faces that same pressure everyday along with other women. Women are expected to dress, behave, and look a certain way, which is unrealistic. Instead of dwelling on our flaws, Tessa loves to find and encourage others to discover what they have to offer! She emphasizes to not look at the negatives but to find your beauty and embrace who you are.

There is no single definition of beauty, but Tessa finds that “there is nothing more beautiful than someone who is unapologetically authentic,” she said. Growing up with three strong female presences in her life — her grandmother, mother and sister — Tessa was surrounded and influenced to become a fierce, ambitious and strong woman.

With Nivea products, Tessa loves to moisturize, hydrate and let her skin breathe! She chooses to keep her makeup minimal while embracing her flaws. Her favourite Nivea products are shea butter and vanilla lip balm, moisturizer and Nivea care sensitive.

During this Q&A, Tessa recommended a few books, revealed her most recent coffee order was a flat white and announced an exciting trip to Quebec to attend Osheaga as the ambassador of Nivea!

Click here to watch the Q&A session.

This article was co-written by Naila Tahir.