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Cheers Caledon!

Friday June 14th was the third annual Cheers Caledon! Craft Beer and Cider Festival. There were many craft beer, cider and food vendors ready to serve the crowds. On the grass, unique games were available to play and to top it off, a Guinness World Record was set; it truly was a great night!

When I arrived, many of the vendors were still setting up but looking forward to the crowd that would soon fill the grounds. Each vendor’s booth represented their brands, trying to stand out from the rest. Whether there were colourful monkeys, sugar skulls or apple trees, at a quick glance one could tell who the vendor was by their tent set up.

I attended for a few hours, and the later it got the bigger the crowd grew! I was looking forward to tasting the cider because I had never tried that before. As fellow Go Vaughan writer, Naila Tahir and I grabbed some food, I thought I should get something to drink with it. I was excited to try a cider so I headed over to Spirit Tree’s tent and the wonderful worker suggested I try a sweeter cider which was delicious! Later on, I saw a tent that was neither cider or beer, it was vodka! So, I switched it up and used one drink ticket to get a small sample of lime flavoured SoCIAL LITE Vodka. It was a nice, light and refreshing drink that I did not expect to have that night.

Each of the vendors wanted to make sure that you loved your drink, so they asked about your typical beer or cider drinking preferences. From your answer, they explained each of their products and recommended the one that you may like so that each person got to try something that they would enjoy. Ivana Tekovic was at the event with Bench Brewery. They brought two wheat beers, Simcoe Grove dry hopped sour and Stone Road white ale. As a locally sourced brewery at the event, they were looking to, “promote the brand and just getting people trying our beer,” she said.

This was the third Cheers Caledon! Craft Beer and Cider Festival, and to make this year’s event even more special, they attempted and succeeded in setting a Guinness World Record for the largest cider tasting! There were three ciders involved in the tasting, and a member from two cider companies. A worker from Pommies Cider Co. and Spirit Tree Estate Cidery stood on the stage and described their ciders to the 333 people participating, each time they did the biggest cheers! Once it was reviewed, 27 people were disqualified, however this event managed to secure the Guinness World Record for the largest cider tasting. The mayor of Caledon, Allan Thompson proudly walked the grounds and posed for photos with the plaque.

Many people came for the experience of tasting different beers and ciders, but a wonderful addition with one of the longest lines all night long, was the food truck Paco’s Tacos. This Mexican food truck features vegetarian and vegan options which was perfect for dairy-free me! Joe O'Gorman, an Orangeville native and owner of this food truck expressed his purpose of bringing a fresh non-fried foods to festivals. “We have no deep fryer by design,''he said as he was looking forward to, “feeding the masses!”

The Cheers Caledon! Craft Beer and Cider Festival was a great success. With live music playing and beer flowing everyone was having a great time tasting beers, enjoying food, and spending the night with friends. For information about Cheers Caledon!, check out their website: http://cheerscaledon.ca/.