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Find Your Mom Squad

Let me begin by saying that we all love and cherish our children. They are the lights of our lives and we adore spending time with them. What we also love is spending time with other grown ups and having more stimulating conversations other than, "Peek-a-boo! Where’s baby?" Some might even say that it will make you enjoy your journey as a parent more if you can spend time with other adults and share your experiences. As a result, I have found some fun for moms that allows you to bring your child but also interact with other adults! Here are 5 classes in Vaughan for the fun moms out there:

Zumbini Class, Concord

Do you enjoy singing along to children’s songs, and dancing like no one is watching? Fantastic! Zumbini is for you... and your little one, of course.

Zumbini is an early childhood development class that strengthens the bond between you and your child (age 0-3). This program uses educational tools to nurture your baby’s love of movement, whether they’re moving independently or you’re helping them along.

Through dancing, moving, and singing, your child’s emotional development is targeted. The program stimulates both sides of the brain, and enhances their cognitive skills, too. As you bounce your baby to the beat, and they begin to move by themselves with the rhythm as they get older, their balance improves. To find a class near you, go to www.zumbini.com.

EarlyON Child and Family Centre, Woodbridge

When we first relocated to Canada, we decided that my husband would do the stay-at-home dad thing, and I would go out and earn the money. For the first few months after we settled in Vaughan, when my son was not yet in daycare, my husband would take him to the EarlyON program. They both loved it! My husband got to hang out with all the moms, and my toddler got to make a mess in a new space. EarlyON programs are like a daycare centre, but the parents or caregivers attend with their little ones. There are loads of different activity stations set up for playing, including dress-up, water-play, building blocks, and painting. At the end of each morning session there is a fun activity or circle time where the facilitators sing songs with the children, tell stories, and play games. The wonderful thing about this program is that all the parents and caregivers attending already have at least one thing in common with you: they have a child to look after. This supportive space gives you an opportunity to connect with other families in your community. For more information about the EarlyON programs, and to find a centre near you, go to http://www.socialenterprise.ca/ontario-early-years-centres/.

Yoga for Mom and Baby, Richmond Hill

Are you about as flexible as a three-year-old refusing nap time? Just outside of Vaughan in Richmond Hill is an energizing flow-yoga class; perfect for new moms who are looking to share quality time with their babies and meet other moms. This restorative class incorporates your baby where possible so there’s no having to bribe family or friends to babysit while you dash off for some me-time! The yoga class includes a chance for you to give baby a massage (in my opinion, massages should be compulsory in all exercise classes), followed by a short baby-yoga sequence before it’s your turn.

Yoga for mom and babies welcomes babies 6 weeks young, and the ideal age for participation is 2-10 months. If this activity resonates with you, go to www.harmonyoga.ca for details.

Weekend Warriors Bootcamp, Concord

Did you know that strong is the new skinny? Have you heard that sweat is fat crying and that sore today makes you strong tomorrow? Join Mommy and Me Bootcamp at Weekend Warriors Bootcamp in Concord and you’ll soon be a bad ass mom with a good ass. Classes have been designed to build stamina and strength, so you can keep up with your baby as they grow! If you’ve found it a challenge to meet other women with similar interests, this is a great place to make friends while working out. When you sign up for the Mommy and Me Bootcamp, you’ll be able discuss your nutritional needs with a health coach, too. This way you can develop a holistic plan to getting your health and fitness on track. Your health coach and instructor is a mom of two, so she knows that the struggle is real!

Mommy and Me Bootcamp classes focus on developing a lean and strong body using high intensity interval training, plyometrics, calisthenics, and isolation weight training. For more information, email jillfranks@hotmail.com or visit: http://weekendwarriorsbootcamp.com/.

Life with a Baby, Multiple Locations

Do you feel like you’re slowly losing your ability to communicate with adult humans? Is mat-leave taking a toll on your social skills? Life with a Baby creates opportunities for you to connect with other moms who may be feeling the same as you do and helps you to make new friends. As adults, we often need all the help we can get in making new friends!

Life with a Baby is a registered charitable organization that provides peer-based support for new and expecting parents, and parents of children up to six-years old. When you become a member, you join a supportive community. You will meet other families and can join activities and events in your area. Some of these include First Aid and CPR workshops, weekly play groups, baby sign language, baby messy play, and mom and baby dance-fit classes.

Life with a Baby offers both free and fee-based (usually a nominal fee) programs and activities. The chance to meet thousands of other moms is priceless and is sure to make your mat-leave time less lonely and far more enjoyable. To find out about activities in your area go to www.lifewithababy.com.