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Nature Day Camp for Kids

Schools almost out and Kortright Centre has a fantastic fun-filled summer planned for your young ones! Kortright is offering a variety of Nature Day Camps packed with educational activities, fun and games for kids ages 4 -14 years old. If you're searching for the perfect camp to enroll your kids this summer, this list is for you:

Amazing Animals, Ages 4-11

July 2-5, 2019

Have you ever wondered what kinds of animals live in Southern Ontario? Join us to see birds, reptiles, mammals and other critters up close! This four day camp experience includes a live Animal Show where kids can watch, learn, and interact with animals and their handlers. Get ready for nature hikes, hands-on games, crafts, learning, and fun!

Kinder Camp: Ages 4 to 5: $224

Ages 6 to 11: $216


Mud Madness, Ages 4-11

July 8-12

Who likes playing in the mud? Join us for fun educational activities that mix learning with getting messy! This is one of our most popular camps each year. Come out to play in ponds and puddles, build mud castles, makes crafts from river clay, meet new friends, and be ready to get wet! A change of clothing is encouraged for each day.

Kinder Camp: Ages 4 to 5: $250-$280

Ages 6 to 11: $245-$270


Leadership Adventure Camp, Ages 9-11

July 8-12 & Aug 12-16

Kortright Centre for Conservation will be partnering with Everblast to bring you an awesome teamwork building experience filled with leadership skills and adventure! This 5 day camp will be offered twice during the summer. Each day we’ll focus on learning sportsmanship skills and more through creative activities that promote leadership and fun. We’ll go hiking, catch critters down by the river, and learn new responsibilities.

If you enjoy fast-paced games and a good time, this is for you!

Ages 9-11: $245-$270

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Aug 12-16 BOOK NOW!

Survival Camp, Ages 4-11

July 15-19 & Aug 19-23

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to survive in in the wild if you get lost in the woods? Join us for this popular camp program and learn how to take care of yourself and your friends through fun-filled, practical activities! We’ll learn basic survival skills like starting a fire, building a shelter, and finding safe food outdoors.

Kinder Camp – Ages 4 to 5: $250-$280

Ages 6 to 11: $245-$270

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Incredible Insects, Ages 4-11

July 22-26

Do you like bugs? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a little insect? They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and this program is dedicated to teaching you all about them! Come out and learn about wiggly, crawling bugs and their little lives through crafts, games and insect fun! We’ll even go bug hunting with real bug catchers and experienced staff to teach you about what you find!

Kinder Camp – Ages 4 to 5: $250-$280

Ages 6 to 11: $245-$270


Outdoor Adventure Camp, Ages 4-11

July 29-Aug 2

Experience outdoor summer adventures on a whole new level through time travel activities, treasure hunts, aquatic fun and much more! We’ll learn about digging for hidden artifacts and find out what kinds of things are hidden beneath the surface and along different creeks in our area. Activities will also teach us about early Indigenous life in our area and how they used nature to make special tools and medicine, and how they knew which plants to eat to stay healthy.

Kinder Camp – Ages 4 to 5: $250-$280

Ages 6 to 11: $245-$270


Spy Camp, Ages 4-11

Aug 6-9 & Aug 26-30

Who wants to be a spy? In this exciting outdoor program, campers will learn how to enhance their senses through archaeology, tracking animals, using binoculars, camouflage, moving silently and spying into the private lives of animals and nature! Many animals like deer, raccoons, squirrels, owls, birds, and forest critters live quiet lives nearby and we’ll teach you how to safely observe them. We’ll also learn how to follow to habitat trails and even track animal prints!

Kinder Camp – Ages 4 to 5: $224

Ages 6 to 11: $216

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Aug 26-30 BOOK NOW!

Art in Nature, Ages 4-11

Aug 12-16

We will be partnering with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection will deliver art programming for a week of artistic fun. Join us for painting, mask making, nature art sculptures, creating a forest symphony, dancing and more creative summer activities! This is for anyone who loves to create, whether it’s your first time or you’ve been making art for years. Get your creative talents ready and come join the fun.

Kinder Camp – Ages 4 to 5: $250-$280

Ages 6 to 11: $245-$270


Leaders in Training, Ages 12-14

Aug 12-23

This two week program caters to preteens who may be moving into mentorship and leadership roles, along with taking on new responsibilities like part-time jobs. Campers will be given opportunities to learn leadership strategies with younger groups and their counselor. They’ll also get to use our ropes course, learn to prepare meals, set up tents, and take part in an optional overnight camping experience!

2 Week camp (Excluding weekend)

*12 registrants maximum

Ages 12 to 14: $490


Kinder Camp, Ages 4-5

Day Camp will run from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, with extended care hours available if required and extra supervision. On Wednesday of each week we’ll host a camping lunch with hotdogs and marshmallows, and every Thursday evening will cater to campers and their families with

a cookout dinner, complete with campfires and singing. Each week will have an exciting new theme for specific age groups, so kids can keep coming back for more! Book two or more weeks at a time and receive a discount!

Book Online or Call: 416-667-6295, Ext 602