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#wethenorth #2019NBAchampions

Tonight in Golden State territory, the Toronto Raptors fought to the last second to claim the NBA Championship for the first time in Canadian history!

59 Jurassic Parks across Canada watched as Raptors fought their way to victory

Toronto led the first half, with a score of 60:57 Raptors, in the last ever basketball game in Oracle Arena. After an intense third quarter, Raptors trailed by 2 points after a buzzer shot by Kawhi that would have tied the game was not counted.

With 18.5 seconds left in the game, Toronto led by 1 point with 111:110. All of Canada was on the edge of their seats. The clock was stopped with 0.9 seconds remaining - Toronto was less than a second away from the 2019 NBA Championship!

With less than a second to go, Kawhi made a shot, but officials were almost sure there was a foul and the basket wasn’t counted and 0.9 seconds was added back to the clock. And the Raptors finished with a score of 114:110! What an incredible game!

Golden State all-star Steph Curry congratulates Raptor' star Kyle Lowry
“We brought it home!” Lowry shouted.

Yes, you did. Way to go, Raptors! #historymakers