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Local Siblings Launch an App!

Local siblings Rosie Sidorova and Nello Altomare launched a new food app called FoodPic this May for food lovers. Users can create a bio, specify their location, and start uploading food pictures immediately after downloading.

Rosie Sidorova and Nello Altomare, wearing FoodPic App Merch

FoodPic is a free app that comes with two components. It has a social aspect where the user can post food pictures, their friends can then see the pictures and comment on them or like them. The second aspect is that FoodPic gives the user a platform to find eateries locally and internationally, regardless of where they are.

“We wanted to revolutionize the food world and bring a central place where people can find food on this app, says Sidorova.

Once the user downloads the app, they have the option to choose between two accounts: eatery, and foodie. Eatery is for businesses who would like to reach a bigger audience and Foodie is for those who love to share pictures of their food.

“Vaughan has some of the best Italian food eateries and other cultural food places in the city,” says Sidorova. Some places of the Vaughan eateries are available on the app, she adds on. The siblings encourage people from Vaughan to download the app because the number of Vaughan eateries increase along with the number of users.

Sidorova and Altomare are Italian siblings who have extended family in Vaughan. “...food is extremely important in the Italian culture, and that’s why we were so inspired and motivated to create a revolutionary app for food,” Sidorova says.

FoodPic has multiple filters to make the search for food easier for its users. One can specifically search for homemade foods, eateries in one’s area by distance, the type of cuisine by country or diet, and specific meals such as breakfasts and snacks. Users will earn points each time they post pictures on the app, and once they have accumulated enough points, they can use them to redeem merchandise from the FoodPic store, get discounts on local eateries and attend cooking classes. Along with this, the siblings love giveaways. Recently, they gave $50 to a user for posting the most pictures on FoodPic. Users can expect similar giveaways in the future.

“You can accumulate points and then you can redeem them for their merchandise, ... or food dishes that restaurants will offer,” says Altomare.

The founders of FoodPic are open to user feedback. You can email them at info@foodpicapp.com to send feedback. You can also follow them on Instagram @foodpic.app to find out about updates on the app, giveaways and promotions. Click here to visit their website and read about the latest food trends.

The app is currently available on the app store, however, the FoodPic team will also make it available on the play store in the future.