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The Vaughan Public Libraries' Big Book Sale

If you’re looking for a new summer read, this weekend make your way to the Bathurst Clark Resource Library for a Big Book Sale!

Each library branch receives many book donations that are typically sold in the library, added to their own collection of books or donated to Better World Books. However, after becoming overstocked from the many generous donations made by Vaughan residents, just one month ago, the 10 branches of the Vaughan Public Libraries decided to have a Big Book Sale.

On any regular day you can purchase a book from any of the 10 branches. However, according to Melanie Raymond, Area Manager for East Vaughan of the Vaughan Public Libraries, the Big Book Sale will be pooling books from every branch and there will be approximately 5,000 to 7,000 books to choose from. You will find this incredible selection of books for sale in the back of the library, the typical study area.

Bring any bag and fill it with as many books as you would like. There will be books in an array of genres, languages and for all age groups to choose from! Each bag that you fill up will cost just five dollars. There will also be a few very special books that will have individual prices, such as classic coffee table books. Every dollar that the VPL earns will be coming, “... back to the VPL to create better programs and buy more collections for the Library,” said Raymond.

A huge book sale by the VPL like this one has not happened in ten years, however the event will be almost identical. The price per bag has not changed because they believe that, “having these bags creates curiosity and the quantity of books per bag is sufficient,” said Raymond. The biggest difference is that the event will take place inside of a branch rather than in a community centre.

If you have any old books that are in good condition and you would like to donate, bring them to any Vaughan Public Library and they could be added to the large collection of books on sale this weekend. To donate, find your nearest library: https://www.vaughanpl.info/libraries, and if you’re interested in attending, visit the Bathurst Clark Resource Library this weekend!