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Trails at Nashville Conservation Reserve

Photo Credit: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Nashville Conservation Reserve (NCR) has a 3 km long trail that begins on Kirby Road in Kleinburg. It starts off as a gravel trail, which branches off to dirt trails. The Vaughan area also has a trail, which is a 600 m long loop. NCR also has other trails, which are not part of Vaughan. The entrance to the trail is free.

Map credit to Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Google Maps

“There is a lovely lookout overseeing the main branch of the Humber River to the South that’s quite spectacular,” says Matt Kenel, Project Manager with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). The lookout is nicer in the fall when the leaves are changing colours, he added.

Over the course of a decade, TRCA plans to extend the trails to 25 km in length. This plan is part of a vision to connect the trails along the Humber River, and provide better connections in the City of Vaughan and York Region.

The trails are open year round, however, they are not maintained for the winter. You will see a different view depending on the time of year you choose to go. NCR is home to evergreen trees, so you will always come across greenery during the year.

As of now, the property does not have good public access as on-property parking is unavailable. Anyone coming by car can park on-street. TRCA is planning to construct a parking lot next year on the grounds. NCR is a rustic property, therefore it does not have washrooms or wayfinding systems.

The NCR trails are not labeled yet. The signs will be available by later this fall. The trails will temporarily close during this time.

Once TRCA completes this trail connection to Kirby Road, the public will have better access to the property.

“The trails are best for hiking and recreational cycling,” says Kenel. They can also be used for horseback riding and cross country skiing.

NCR is a nature reserve maintained by the TRCA, which is part of the Humber River watershed. The property covers over 2000 acres of land. It connects the municipality of Vaughan from Klienberg to King City.

According to the York Region Trail Guide, “The Nashville Conservation Reserve is a diverse site containing many different habitat types, such as upland forests, meadows, former agricultural fields and wetlands.” The land is also home to wildlife including frogs, deer, a variety of birds, and much more.

Check the TRCA website for updates on the trails, temporary trail closures and additional information about NCR.